Hybrids - Marcos Palacios


23.06.2018 -26.07.2018

From the Inventiveness of Dada to Postmodernity

"The abandoned fantasy of reason produces impossible monsters: united with her she is the mother of the arts and the origin of wonders."


"Staying human seems at times an almost overwhelming task."

* Romain Gary

Marcos Palacios (Lima 1977) this time with Hybrids projects a new chapter of his imaginary, in which he questions the identities inscribed in the real, challenging in this way what is established on a formal order. The hybridization that occupies him, operates tangled cultural systems that through painting tries to elucidate, thus generating a universal approach to the concept.

Hybridization as a phenomenon has had many spaces for discussion, the latter especially framed between science, anthropology and art as a means of production, they envision a bestiary of composite natures in which their existence develops.

With this, Palacios wishes to recreate and draw links between contemporary plastic creation and the sociocultural mutations of our time. Submerging ourselves in that constant duality brings us closer to an analysis of mythological figures in which the hybrid beats in the very heart of the image, where the origin of that world populated by gods and demigods arises indistinctly.

Symbolism and surrealism build the touchstone of the avant-garde of the twentieth century, where the hybrid obsesses and inspires indefatigably modern and contemporary artists, procreates the analogical vision of an alternative mythology, or a methodology to elucidate the complexity of the world.

About the set of works that the artist presents can be said to be the reflection of the post-modernity in which we live, where the limits of his figuration dissipate and question perfection, the psyche or the mere existence. In itself, this hybridization is a criticism of obsolete theories immersed in society, its experimentation internalizes new means and reified methods, that neo-expressionism that the creator exercises is nothing more than a multisensory search aimed at visualizing the possibilities that painting finds in Hybridization

The history of art has always been good for the hybrid as a source of experimentation and fragmented inspiration between the rational and unreality, from its primitive manifestations to trying to find its identity by modifying the human form to build new grammars that approach that irrationality as a Reflection tool about the mixture of cultures that comprise the era of globalization; Its closest referent is that figuration that the artist perceives about the body as an intrinsic and accumulative space of images that travel through space and time.

The hybrid always confronts the established, on that speech, its dualism is intertwined towards a symbolic axis in opposition, always as a referential interrogation on the knowledge of the genesis of the human being.

© Pablo Villaizán
Lima, April 2017

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