Studio Kraków


19.07.2018 -19.07.2018

Studio Kraków is a two week poster workshop we conduct in July.
This July we have 18 American designers and 7 Polish design students.
Week 1 our schedule was 9am—7pm.
Week 2 our schedule was 9am—9.00pm.
We take Sundays off. 
Most of the Americans have done the Vienna Studio.
Half the studio are returnees from the previous Studio Kraków.
The idea is that Studio Kraków is self-perpetuating.  Every year.
You always come back.  Every year.
Most of the Americans have graduated and are out working.
They take two weeks every July to come pull silk screens in Poland.
We work insanely.
We pull 5 editions in two weeks.
On the last Thursday we do an exhibition for Kraków.
Previously, several hundred people come to our show.
And we have a performance by an emerging American rap artist.
Our studio is with the Pedagogical University.
Everything we do is in Kazimierz, the Jewish district.
Well, except for that lake we found.
There is no academic credit.  No tuition.  
It is simply learning + making like your life depended on it.  It is a New Way.
We are grateful to the Pedagogical University, the Tara Hostel, the Off Frame Gallery, the 'Hammock' Bar.
And to ALL of the Landers who make it happen.  Every year.
Kraków is a sweetheart land of humility and generosity.
WE LOVE BEING IN KRAKOW.  She is a city that embraces us.
Studio Krakow is a project of Umbau, a guerilla studio and a revolution in school-mind.
We go to Kraków to make the beautiful.  To ream it out.
To revel in experimental wonder.  To learn from Polish design. [To sometimes, get tattoos.]
+ always, always:   to plot umbau.
In Kraków, we LAND.  Every year.
Bring me the Rhinoceros.  -01

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