BODY GAMES "Gry ciała"


28.09.2018 -19.10.2018

The presented series of works is about the private life of the author and proves that nobody is free from imperfections or uncertainties. The artist uses art as a way of emphasizing her anxiety and defines the process of creation as an act of absorbing emotions. In this way her work becomes a very intimate and attractive motivation for the viewer. In her works, the reflections focus on the body as the subject of artistic activity, on the creative level of physical transgression, which circulate in search of answers to the questions about the limits of body image and artistic freedom in the context of contemporary culture. The artist's center of interest is the body as an experimental zone, the influence of power, property subject to continuous change, and places where one can define his or her own subjectivity.
BODY GAMES reassesses the visual sphere as well as the concept of art, beauty and aesthetics. The function should be interpreted as a revelation, showing what is not obvious, what is "subcutaneous", unclear and marginal. The search is based on the study of female intimacy and the extremes of intimate transgression, through the interpretation and psychoanalysis research, philosophy and the broadly understood humanities of our time. Inspired by authors who studied the subject of corporality and its participation in the context of power.
These poles of intellectual tensions of crossing borders, in the context of the values ​​and norms of different societies, give rise to the cultural existence of art and the cause for transgression in the face of current affairs, examining the extent to which we can predict conflict and develop a meeting strategy with regards to taboo in order to maintain constructive interpersonal experiences. After four years of studying these values ​​and trends, I was able to create a self-portrait as a painting and drawing production, which is presented along with musical composition, in 2018 exclusively for the OFF-Frame Gallery.

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