Maciej Kwiatkowski „Generator Karmy"


16.11.2018 -05.12.2018

Intermediate state. Otherwise, bar-do is not only a state between physical death and physical birth, but refers to every moment of our life, because the life of an unenlightened man [that is, one who has not acquired enlightenment in Buddhism] is nothing more than just such it is an intermediate state, no more real dreaming or other illusory or time-conditioned states of the mind. The illusory word in the sense used here means the real state only to some extent, however not being a mere hallucination. Lama Govinda, Tibetan Book of the Dead
The cycle itself became a journey from an imagined mechanical hell with brass blades to transform lead into gold. He has become what he means. He gained importance during the formation. During the emergence and being lived, he became. Has he ceased to be a sign? And what if he stopped what he became?

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