„Pozy różnorakie"


08.03.2019 -29.03.2019

The passing time changes the way of seeing and receiving reality, it translates into the poetics of the work, its narratives and the character of form. Deformation of the human figure, which I use and use in my works, over the years passes a kind of metamorphosis, also the sources of my inspiration change.
In the sense of the word deformation, we find a deformation of a form that does not lose its total resemblance with the original shape. The deformation itself acts on the recipient in a double manner, definitely stronger than the objects shown in natural sizes and in the ordinary surroundings. By deformation, we mean underlining and extracting opposites in proportions. The degree of deformation and its reasons may be different. Exploring the possibilities of deformation, starting from small changes and ending with noticeable transformations, one can create an artistic fact with new possibilities of interaction.
Seeking my way - I sketch, paint, bringing the processed and survived shape to the last resort in my opinion. Deformation, shaping and forming of a character is for me a kind of consciousness, a subjective view of the world, a kind of experience and, finally, an important source of personal communication and a test for truthfulness.

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