exhibition of photographs from the cycle „I would give you my heart"


11.05.2019 -30.05.2019

The exhibition is the premiere show of photographs from the cycle „I would give you my heart" by Krzysztof Marchlak. When photographing invited men, the author refers to the issue of culturally conditioned patterns of masculinity related to the functioning of men in the modern world. Getting out of the stereotypical approach to the role often imposed on men by society, the artist plays with the convention, creating images full of light, delicacy, color and charm of old painting. The element that brings together the images he creates is a passport held by each of the models. This prop in a symbolic way refering to the journey and the utopia associated with it, finding a "place of its own". Modern times abound in processes such as globalization, increased mobility and undermining the borders between nation-states, tempting with the promise of finding the only point on the map, where being free from social pressure, one can develop his own personality. But according to Marchlak, no such real place exists to guarantee the success of such self-realization, because everything depends on the strength of the person's character and its relationship with the environment. Seeking inspiration in pop music, and in particular in the song Go West by Village People, as well as in the culture produced by LGBTQ environments, the project is an open cycle, constantly updated with new photographs. The author, who lives in Kraków and Milan on a daily basis, spends majority of his life traveling and therefore invites men from different parts of the world to cooperate.

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