Inner garden


31.05.2019 -20.06.2019

Ewa Goral's painting is a feast of organic shapes. The canvas which are being presented in the Off Frame Gallery were created in 2012-2019 and illustrate the evolution of the artistic path of this younger painter. The first images from the series only seemingly resemble a meadow or garden, a place of first contact with the natural world. You can see fleshy, round fruit, shoots swaying life-giving juices, floral calyxes symbolizing fertility. However, the portrayed plants can surprise with their bizarreness. These are the shapes desired by imagination. A different world. An inner garden. Unlike the classics of botanical art such as Ernst Haeckel or Albertus Seba. They absorbed observation and the desire to precisely give up the creations of nature. Plants in Ewa Goral's paintings drive away from the botanical classification. In her earlier paintings, from the organic series, nature is defined by bright colors. The shapes, although clearly drifting towards abstraction, are close to a human, they carry the attributes associated with emotions. You can see joy in them, sometimes a witty note of aggression. Newer canvases from 2018 and 2019 are other plants, as if they were evolutionary cousins. They give the impression of creations from another planet. The cosmic dimension of life comes to force. Hence the light - the representative of the world of physics. It is difficult to indicate the source of flares. They disperse like a star burst, or concentrate in a bundle by cutting through the canvas. This iridescent light makes the carefree mood leaves the inner garden. Are these the very first moments of the nascent world or the moment just right after a disaster? Remembrance or prophetic vision of the future? The inner garden turns out to be ambiguous. Behind the idyllic shelter that grows in the foreground, the secrets of the cosmos are hidden.

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