From digit to painting


07.09.2019 -25.09.2019

The foundation of each presented image is a procedure - an ordered list of activities, the implementation of which leads to the achievement of a specific goal. We all carry out certain procedures on a daily basis, e.g. to walk (the goal) we perform alternately steps (actions).
The procedures used in the creative process solve problems specific to the digital world (e.g. determining the largest common divisor of two numbers, or sorting collections). Their complexity is so high that the computer program written by the artist deals with the performance. Operating on large data sets, the software creates complicated structures, which the author then transfers onto the canvas and uses the image as the basis for composition.
The complexity of structures is only a pretext to try to aesthetically reflect the sensations associated with contact with the unknown - a truth that requires time and patience to discover. Always, admiration and reflection precedes understanding.

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