Jamais vu,

street photography

10.10.2019 -30.10.2019

A human being can do with drink, food, sleep only, like a Tamagotchi... Still there are more options present. One of them is to see the life as a space of creation where everything becomes the matter of art. This is what I go for, being a minimalist driven by Ockham's principle: one should not multiply entities beyond necessity.

In the world around I perceive nuances, laconism of detail, phases of expression; I feel how silence turns to light and light turns to silence.
While photographing I have discovered that shade belongs to light. That everything is the light, sometimes extinct like silence escaping from a shrine. Alike I have understood that excess of the image paralyses the metaphor the way garrulousnes does the word.
My subject matter is unaware of being a metaphor until it is unmasked in the noise of everyday life where light and shade interfere. It is an image that only approaches reality.


Jamais vu (French: never seen, pron. [ʒa.mɛ.vy]) – a memory based delusion that involves individual's impression of seeing a familiar situation for the first time. Opposite of deja vu (already seen).  

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