WIDEŁ wystawa

# WIDEŁ is an exhibition presenting a fragment of multi-media artistic activity based on the idea of ​​meeting the power of narrative with the power of illustration. The result of multiplayer fun with art and contexts; continuation of the Dadaists' thoughts.

The works presented at the exhibition arise from the need to explore various fields of art in techniques adequately matched to the intentions that inspired them. The gallery for the duration of the exhibition will become a place where you can get lost in the multiverse created by the artist. The projects open portals to further artistic dimensions and formal experiments.

Already at the entrance, there is a story about # GOODBYE - a comic based on Witkacy's Farewell to Autumn. Boards drawn on the basis of the script by Natalia Aleksandra Komarow. The modernized version of the literary prototype was transferred into a new medium. The next boards of the drawing, drawing by the viewer, lead the viewer through the humorless satire to modern times.

In the central part of the Gallery, you will meet the Post Mortem installation. A cycle of destructive-objects whose black-and-glass matter exceeds not only the frames of the images, but also enters the gallery space. There is a place of contemplation over the abstract form, which, coming to the fore, raises the question - is it not destruction that is the only creative act ...

Staying in a contemplative mood, it is worth spending a dozen or so minutes and bending over the lyrics. Polish classics are a new look at poetry, taking the form of video art in found footage conventions. This is another result of cooperation with Natalia, who in this project lends her emotionless voice. She hypnotically recites the poems of the greatest Polish poets, and the creator constructs a series of glitch clips to them, drawing the viewer through dynamic editing and disturbing music.

We invite you to get lost in this world.


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